19 December 2006

I eat danger for lunch.

Radar Magazine has released its list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time. I'm so excited I just thought I'd share...

10. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Motorcycle
Apparently, the throttle was a little sticky, but ya know, you'll stop at some point... won't you?

9. Battlestar Galactica Missile Launcher
Now! With missiles measured exactly to your child's esophagus!

8. Johnny Reb Cannon
This was a 30" "authentic" Civil War cannon, it actually shoots little projectiles about 35 feet. Its all fun and games until...

7. Creepy Crawlers
(1964) Basically an open hot plate where you could melt plastic and make your own critters... oh, and apparently, the plastic critters were toxic too. I love the smell of melting toxic plastic on Christmas morning, don't you?

6. Bat Masterson Derringer Belt Gun
A cap gun for your belt buckle designed so that when you pushed your stomach against it, a little gun would pop out and fire a cap. Perfect to keep at your crotch.

5. Sky Dancers
1994) Yes, we should all give our children miniature helicopters to shoot at one another. As long as they are pink and frilly no one will get hurt... right?

4. Snacktime Cabbage Patch Dolls
(1996) Yay for fun with cannibals! The article said that 35 fingers & ponytails were 'bitten' by this little beast.

3. Mini-Hammocks from EZ Sales
(1984-1995) Responsible for 12 hangings. Really, there is nothing funny about the stupidity behind hammocks for children.

2. Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab
(1951) Only sold for one year. Wonder why?

1. Lawn Darts
Removed from the market in 1988, and yeah, I do remember enjoying throwing them at my little brother... that little bugger was quick too. Lucky kid.

So, if you still have a special little someone you really want off your list (forever), these are some great shopping tips! Enjoy the festivities, and Happy Holidays!


CamiKaos said...

i swear i saw sky dancers just the other day!!!

Giddy. said...

LOL me too, I remember my neice getting 'em for x-mas just a year or two ago. Funny.