06 December 2006

Its all about me

When I was a kid I had all kinds of dreams and plans. I can remember wanting to grow up to be many things: lawyer, doctor, president, astronaut, musician, actor. Kind of high hopes for a little girl in the 80's, but in the end I always felt I was destined to be somewhat famous. Ok, who am I kidding... REALLY famous.

I've always been the type to enjoy being the center of attention, to this day, I still enjoy a bit of the spotlight on occasion. But, these days, I also enjoy handing someone else up into the light, then sitting back and watching. I've learned how to be next to the spotlight, and to enjoy the subtlety of the shadows. Which is a good thing since I seem to surround myself with people who also have 'big' personalities.

So, now here I sit... big personality, big dreams... and here I sit. Not that I don't enjoy who I am or my life, because generally I do, its just not quite what I had in mind.

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