29 January 2008

I don't wanna!!

In the next two weeks, I have two interviews.

One is for a 'Behavior Consultant' position, working with children with Autism. Though, the main office for the company is based in Citrus Heights (north east of Sacramento... about an hour and 15 minutes away), my main 'territory' will be in Davis (about 30 minutes away). I really wish I could find a job like this one in the Bay Area.

The other is a position as a pre-school teacher. Yes, pre-school. I'm not entirely sure I have what it takes to spend all day with three and four year olds, then come home to my own 3 1/2 year old Short Bus. The job would be a little more local, and the pay would likely be about the same. But, I really don't think I want to teach pre-school... I mean really... you people have met me. If the Glen and Giddy Show isn't family friendly, just imagine what happens if you take out Glen and add finger paint and poop jokes (hm, maybe that's pretty much the same show...).

So, as I'm on the phone earlier whining about how I really "don't wannnnnna be a pre-school teacher," it hits me. What did I do today while The Short Bus was at school?

Yes, I sat in the floor with paper, and scissors, and markers, and paste, and velcro, and made him a calendar. A very simple, age-appropriate, calendar. And, as I'm writing the days of the week, and looking at my neat, simple, age-appropriate handwriting, I'm thinking, "crap, this is totally the writing of a teacher."

28 January 2008

Birthday Awesomeness


Coffee & Baileys
Sweeney Todd

Brunch *mmm...bloody mary*

Not to mention, excellent company, plenty of attention, and an overall warm-comfortable-happy feeling.

Yes. It was good.

Thanks to all for the wishes... calls, texts, cards, not to mention the beautiful necklace, and the signed copy of a book I've been wanting for a long time. You all know who you are, and you rock.... like a hotdog.

25 January 2008

Shoe Porn Friday!

I don't care how pointy they are... I am wearing them ALL WEEKEND.
I love them.

22 January 2008

Aging Gracefully

Yes, it seems to be happening every year...

"um.. "
"would you like to see my ID?"
"yeah, please?"
"sure... here ya go"
"oh! I never would have guessed... wow..."

Hm... one might take this as a compliment: "you don't LOOK as old as you are." Yet, one might take it as an insult: "you don't look as OLD as you are."

I really wanted to say, "dude, are you saying I'm old?"

Really, what's next? "Wow, you look GREAT for your age!" Come on people, I'm not THAT old! *sigh* How is it possible that half the time I feel like some awkward teenager doing my best to convince everyone that I can handle the responsibilities of the adult world, yet, I'm about to turn 33?

17 January 2008

Sometimes, I forget....

...just how much effort I've put into life and the pursuit of my own happiness.

...drama is just drama, and most times we take things too personally.

...not everything that is important to me, is actually Important.

...love and friendship can be so intertwined, it can be impossible to tell them apart.

...dreams have a way of coming true, even if you misplace them for a minute.

...The Funny© is sometimes funnier when it's subtle.

14 January 2008

Teh House of Mouse

It was an interesting trip this year. Many of the rides were closed (no Haunted Mansion for Giddy...*gasp! sob*), but we still seemed to do okay. Everyone looked amazing, and I finally got to meet the beautiful Anelia.

The energy level this year was different, and honestly, I thought it was just me, but others mentioned it too. Not that it wasn't an exciting and fun trip, indeed it was, just different. Not in a bad way, and not in a good way... ya know how different can sometimes just be different? Yeah, like that.

There were definitely some shining moments; multiple times when random groups of strangers would sing "Happy Birthday" to Drew definitely stand out. Minnie Mouse giving me a pat on the back when I made a lewd comment to Julie about getting on her knees was also a great funny (yes, Drew would be proud, I got Minnie to break character).

Overall, it was a great weekend. Even with my little bits of inner turmoil (which were not as bad as I expected, yet still present), it was great fun. I can't wait for next year. Happy Birthday Drew.

09 January 2008

Look Out...

...SoCal... I'm on my way.

Yep, keep your kids away from Disneyland this weekend. Morris Enterprises is invading. It may be a family show, and if your kids have ever wondered where families come from... we can definitely teach them (disclaimer: I make no claims to the accuracy of what they learn, and "once a year doesn't make you gay" is totally an integral part of the curriculum).

After a few minutes of anxiety and tension, I do believe I'm actually starting to get excited about this trip again.

Last year, was an amazing trip... in fact, on top of everything else , it was the first trip I had ever taken by myself (no really), and was a major turning point in my life (thanks again, Drew). So, I am looking forward to this year, because every experience in life is a learning experience, and already... in the days leading up to this trip... I have learned quite a bit.

01 January 2008


So many things swirling around in my head. All these words, no rhyme, no reason, just words...

Things I wanted to say, but didn't.
Things I (likely) shouldn't have said, but did.
Things I tried to say, but came out wrong.
Things I meant to say, but couldn't find the right words.
Things I said from my heart, but didn't filter through my brain first.

And yet, all things seemed to be be understood clearly. Both the spoken and unspoken words, the things I said wrong, and the things I said right. All those words, and somehow the intention and emotion are the things which were understood. (I'm so glad you have that ability.)

I woke up today smelling like the smoke from a bonfire, and smiling. Memories of a great New Year's Eve (and really, the entire weekend) waltzing through my brain like the notes of the music being played around the fire. Random memories coming from the maelstrom of thought, a look, a touch, a gesture, a conversation, laughter, contentment.

How can something feel like a great new beginning, even though it has been going on for so long?

Yes. This is the way to start the new year.
I'm so glad it's now.

Happy New Year.