26 December 2006

Official Doneness.

Finally. Actually done. It is over.

I really think my very favorite part of christmas these days (besides the spending time with family... of course, there's a whole other story there too), is my post-christmas champagne.

Yes, several years ago I started my own little tradition.... Christmas night is MINE. Everyone goes to bed "early" and I open a nice bottle of champagne... something I pick out for myself every year while shopping. The bottle goes into the fridge around December 15, and sits mocking me until December 25.

Then, Christmas night... everyone is passed out in their present/sugar/ham/booze induced stupor, and the mocking is NO MORE! muahaha! No more shopping, no more wrapping, no more fake smiles, no more holly jolly crap, I get to sit back and bask in the glow of presents (given and received). Just me, my new toys, and a bottle of decent champagne.

What more could a girl want? (yeah fine, I could think of at least one thing, but then we're just getting dirty.... and who wants dirty on christmas? *teehee*)

Love you all. Happy Christmas.


CamiKaos said...

i steal

Giddy. said...

you have. i share. we funny at same time.