21 August 2008

Day One...and then some

*picture is TehShortBus "helping" me get my classroom ready*

Really, I've been meaning to write about my first day since Monday (the actual first day), but honestly, I haven't had a second to even consider it. But, I decided I wasn't going to bring any work home this evening. I've worked (easily) 10 - 12 hour days every day for the last two weeks, I think it's time to take a minute for myself.

And, when I say "for myself" I mean: have a beer and write a blog after working an 11 hour day and spending ANOTHER $50 on supplies for my classroom.

When I finally fell into bed Sunday night (yes, I worked from home for a good 5 hours Sunday, and spent 5 hours on Saturday actually in my classroom...then another 2 working at home), I thought I was right on track. Coffee was prepped, alarm was set, I was showered, ShortBus was sleeping. Excellent. When I closed my eyes I figured I was as ready for Day One as I could possibly be, given the very short time I was provided.

Flash forward about 7 hours later... I wake up. It is quiet. Too quiet.
Alarm hasn't gone off yet.
But, something feels off.
Look at the clock... 6:15. 45 minutes AFTER I had set my alarm to go off. Damn!

I jump out of bed, focused on the ONE thing that is going to save me from going crazy... coffee. Into the kitchen to be greeted by the lovely aroma of fresh brewed coffee. In a now adrenaline infused foggy morning haze of "OMGOMGOMGOMG!" I go straight to the fridge for creamer, turn around and see a beautiful pot of coffee... all over the counter and floor. My persnickety coffee maker had decided it didn't like the way I put the filter in. REALLY?

So now I'm late, AND cleaning the kitchen.

After a QUICK shower, I decide I should wake Teh ShortBus, so he has a minute to wake up and eat a banana before I shove him off to school. But, he decides he doesn't want to get up. By the time we get to the car, he and I are both crying. Each for very different reasons.

I make it to school five minutes before the first bell.
Luckily, my first period class, at that point, was two students (now it's up to five). They were so freaked out at being the ONLY two students in the classroom, they didn't seem to notice how discombobulated I was.

Long story... um... well long... it has been a great week. Everyone I work with has been really supportive and helpful, my family and friends have been helpful and truly amazing, and I even got to spend a few minutes with CSB this week.

I am truly looking forward to tomorrow, and the end of my first week. I kinda feel like once I make it through this first week, it's all down hill from here. Plus, I think a bottle of celebration champagne is in order.

17 August 2008

Bag Porn!!

So, apparently my mom came across this purse at a garage sale....

I looked it over pretty closely, and it seems to be real (though I'm shocked).
Its beautiful. Looks practically brand new.
And, its all mine!

Kinda cool that the school colors at my new school are red, black, and white. Yes, I haz teh skewl spirit... in style.

14 August 2008

Friday Shoe Porn

I came across these shoes two days ago, and fell in love.

My first thought was, "no, I'm not buying shoes because I don't have a ....oh... wait... I do have a job... not only do I have a job, but I have THE job." The one I anticipated, the career I've been working toward... yep, I haz it.

So, needless to say, I bought the shoes...

Like I mentioned, when I first put them on, I felt like I had been transported to OZ. They fit perfectly, and are the most beautiful metallic garnet red you've ever seen.

And when the ShortBus noticed I was taking pictures of my shoes, he wanted me to make sure I included pictures of his...

hm... wonder where he gets his attention whore tendencies....

13 August 2008

One Week Later

I have been to meetings and workshops galore. I have been going non-stop. So much to do, and so little time.

My head is spinning with names and faces that I can't quite seem to match up. My desk is littered with business cards, all with the school district logo. I had to clear a shelf to pile up books, notebooks, folders, and paperwork.

The only things I know for sure:

I have a caseload of 19 students. I am responsible for all their paperwork, and evaluations, and I will have three major parent meetings in my first two months. These kids may or may not be in my classes.

I teach four class periods a day. Three are science... though, not the same science. I have 9th grade Integrated Science, 10th grade Biology, and 11th grade Health Science. One is a math class... "Applied Math" and apparently the class combines students of all grades, but most will be 9th and 10th graders. All this basically means is that I will have to come up with four different lesson plans, versus someone who teaches 10th grade English and has one lesson plan they use throughout the day.

My students are "Resource" students. Meaning they are just a bit slower than the rest in learning the material. I teach the same things as General Ed. teachers, only, slower. All my students are on a graduation track, and so will have to know specific material to pass the California High School Exit Exam.

I have a stack of books (teacher's editions) that weighs more than The ShortBus (but is much less wiggly). And, at the moment I'm just trying to put together some things to do in the first week of classes. Currently my desk and bed are covered with open books, folders, notebooks, and random sheets of paper. I feel so out of sorts when I'm this ill-prepared.

As a matter of fact, I've noticed that not only am I just "out of sorts" feeling, but I'm showing physical signs of stress too... my skin just can't take it, and I'm breaking out like a teenager, and not just zits, but welts, bumps, lumps, and itchy spots. I'm over-emotional, under-prepared, and running in circles.

On a more positive note, I did pick up a lovely pair of shoes this week, sparkly garnet red, and when I put them on today I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz... only with much cooler shoes. I clicked my heels together and said, "there's no place like now, there's no place like now."

Stay tuned for Shoe Porn Friday, I took the pictures this morning.

06 August 2008

Are you kidding?

Yesterday, I got an email asking if I was interested in a teaching positon.
They wanted to know if I was available for an interview this morning.
Well sure... why not? What the heck can an interview hurt?

After a 45 minute panel interview, I was sent outside to wait, and "come back when we call you."

After all this time...
After every question I've asked myself...

I will not ask if this is what I want.
Because I know that this is what I need.
And, this is what I asked for.

You are reading a post from the newest Local High School Special Ed. Math/Science Teacher.
They offered me the job on the spot.
I have no idea how I got this job.
But, I did.

I am insanely excited.
The classroom is finally mine!
Yet, insanely scared.
How am I supposed to be prepared to teach a class in less than two weeks?

No idea where I go from here,
But, confident I can make it.

05 August 2008

Happy Birthday Little Man

What a difference four years makes.

I considered doing a recap of his "birth story," but really... I don't think we need to go there. He was about 9 pounds... and took his time. Now he's about 35 pounds, and seems to always be in a hurry.

Just in time for his fourth birthday, he learned to pronounce "TH" properly. So, he was "free years old" all year long... now that he's four, well let's just say I'm having a hard time not teaching him to say he's "Thor." Purely for the funny.

Just the other day he asked me if I knew what a black light was for. In typical distracted mommy fashion, I said, "no, what is a black light for?" He replied, "When it's on, it's for DANCING!" Indeed it is.

During the first year of his life I couldn't wait to hear him speak. He showed personality and style all his own from day one, and I was dying to hear it come out. I have to say, I was right to be impatient, there is nothing in the world like hearing him say, "I love you mommy."

So many things go into being a mom. Every day I learn something new... about myself, about my boy, about the world... some days I learn a lot of things. Every day is an adventure.

So, Happy Birthday to you ShortBus. May the sun shine bright, the laughter be plentiful, and the learning endless. I love you more than you know, kiddo.