29 December 2006

blink... blink... blink...

There are days when I actually sit here and stare at the blank screen all day long. The little cursor flashing and mocking me, knowing the words are there, yet not knowing which ones to type.

And, although I'm completely sure you don't want to sit here and read about how I have nothing to write about, I'm equally sure you don't want to read about how Terran is trying to sell me on PJ Harvey (yes! I promise to go listen tonight!).

Its funny, I honestly started out laughing at him, but then he brought up the idea of how "it seems to be universal to try to "share/push" our interests and tastes." I think its a little more than that though. Our commonalities tend to bring us together in the first place, then we continue to explore our similarities and differences within the context of what we already know we have in common. After a certain point in any relationship, it becomes "safe" to discover that we do indeed have differences, and we know that those differences aren't going to drive a wedge between us. So we share our quirks, our eccentricities, and we know (or we think we do) that the other person has already formed an opinion of us, and that one small difference isn't going to matter much in the whole scheme of things. Though, it would be nice if that difference actually ended up being yet another commonality. And, if that difference is something big enough that it actually does end up being a road block to friendship, isn't it better to get that out of the way and move on? I think so.

Still though, it is taking a chance. It is looking for even more common bonds, sharing the things we are interested in with the people we care about, and hoping that we know each other well enough that one isn't going to judge the other. I know, it seems frivolous to think that something as simple as music might change a relationship, I know I wouldn't discontinue a friendship with someone because they dislike Rush, but is that really what this boils down to?

I mean, take one of your "issues" ... we all have 'em.... those things that we feel so passionately about that its hard to even debate them without it getting heated. Could you be friends with someone who maintains the opposite opinion as you on one of those issues? Me personally, yes, I could be friends with them as long as we decided not to discuss those issues. Though, I'm not entirely sure I could have an actual "serious relationship" with someone who was diametrically opposed to me on certain issues.

blink... blink... blink....

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CamiKaos said...

i like to wear bananas on my head... you should try it.