02 November 2006


This morning I had an appointment with a dermatologist (yay for minor cosmetic surgery). If you are wondering the appointment went really well... the doctor said that removing the mole on my face would be quick and easy, and would leave me with a small scar that would fade with time... and he was incredibly HOT. Funny, I thought hot doctors were only on TV... my mistake.

I have recently heard that my poker face really doesn't hide anything, in fact, I might as well have some thoughts tattooed directly on my breasts (because, really, who's looking at my forehead?). Unfortunately I actually had to bite my tongue when he walked into the room, and remind myself "this is not faire, this is not faire, this is not faire..." Though, I'm guessing from the way his secretary rolled her eyes that maybe I wasn't as subtle as I could have been. *giggle* Yay for big fun at the doctor's office!

Classic quote of the day... overheard in the waiting room: "... but, I've been slobbering in my mouth ALL DAY!"

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