12 November 2006


I am NOT a morning person. Everyone teased me while I was pregnant, saying I would become a morning person..I'd get used to it. Yeah, not so much.

Hubby has been on swing shift for so long, I completely forgot how nice it is to have mornings to myself. No wonder I've been so grumpy for so long! I don't like to chat in the morning, I don't like the pleasantries, I don't like anything but my coffee. No one should take this personally, its just the way I am. Even my son has figured this out, and will sit quietly on the couch watching tv for a half-hour until mommy wakes up. Smart child.

Looks like the sun will be out for a little while today, I may just go enjoy it while I can.

Have a lovely day!

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CamiKaos said...

I was never a morning person either. I'm still not, but when I drop K off at school and have those two hours in the morning all to myself it feels like the greatest thing ever... good morning and good day to you...