10 November 2006

They Can't All Be Gems

Friday night, wine good
Son refused to nap today
More wine better faster now.

Ok. I can't help myself... I don't feel like writing, and I'm sitting here too damn lazy to get off my ass and get the remote... and bitching about what's on TV via IM:

GiddysIM: is Bob Saget really hosting a game show?
GiddysIM: what the hell am I watching?
Not Me: ROFL crack head
GiddysIM: totally.
GiddysIM: ok. this stupid game show is actually causing brain cells to commit suicide.
GiddysIM: they are done, can't take it.
GiddysIM: america..land of the retard.
GiddysIM: I really should get up and get the remote
GiddysIM: and yet, I'm busy writing haikus
GiddysIM: who am I to talk?
GiddysIM: lmao
GiddysIM: no seriously... "which of the 7 deadly sins is the video game character pac-man guilty of?"... and then they gave him THREE CHOICES
GiddysIM: really?
GiddysIM: it was multiple choice to begin with!!!
GiddysIM: idiots.
GiddysIM: I really should write about this... rofl
GiddysIM: only I don't want to admit that its actually on my tv.

Forget George Bush, I now totally blame Bob Saget for all of America's problems.


CamiKaos said...

i love this blog so much I am commenting again... the saget thing is so terribly upsetting... it was last night and it is again today... hopefully my tiki drink will help me cope with the horrorible thought.

Giddy. said...

dude. I love you. *rofl*

CamiKaos said...

hey, it's days later and i am still disturbed... i think i had fever dreams about it...

(you not bobbo)