17 November 2006

I nearly forgot!

What a night! Started by dropping my son off at Nana and Papa's house... then finding out that my sister in-law is in labor again. So, I had to get the boy, and take him to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Then I went to the store, and now I'm home waiting for the phone to ring so I can find out just where my sister in-law is at in her labor. It could be all night, it could be an hour or two. Who knows.

I could really use a shot of tequila. Think they'd mind if I showed up at the hospital drunk?

"hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii new baaaaaaaaayyyyyby! I'm your Aunt Giddy... let me tell you about faire....."

Poor kid. He's doomed.
Crazy Aunt Giddy does have a nice ring to it though....

edit: Well, contractions have pretty much stopped... fuck it, I'm going to the bar.
Dang kid is making Crazy Aunt Giddy even crazier. He must get that from my side of the family.

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CamiKaos said...

i always wondered if the crazies were genetic...