21 November 2006

My New Nephew

Well, he's finally here! He was born around 3:30 this morning and was 8lbs 11oz!

Pictures are posted at http://lifesajourney.aboutmybaby.com/
More later!

Edited at 8pm: Just got home from visiting at the hospital all day... He was born at 3:22 am, and was 19 inches long. Both mommy and baby (and daddy too) are doing very well. When I left the hospital he was being passed around between grandparents. Even Jake got to sneek in a little smooch and a hug when we were saying goodbye. It was adorable.


CamiKaos said...

OH!!! Jake is already an awesome cousin!!! Will they get out of the hospital for t-day

Giddy. said...

yep, supposed to be released on Thursday morning. =)

Marc got some great pictures of the boys together. I can't wait to post them. Totally cute.