22 November 2006

11 Things

11 things I considered writing about today, and things I really wanted to say to people today, but never got the chance ....

1- I totally stole the list idea from someone else, and although she and I have only recenly 'found each other' again, I still consider her one of my all time greatest friends. Thanks again for 'friending' me.

2- My friendship with someone amazing is about to change... I don't know how much, but as circumstances dictate, this is the way it will be. I am interested to see what the change will be, how it will affect things, but I am worried that it won't allow our friendship to be as close. Then again, one never knows what the future holds...

3- Is there any possible way for me to go to Hawaii for a week right before my birthday? I miss you sooooo much that I want to be there and go play when you walk off that freakin boat. I'm a little scared that I'm going to have a 'thing' against cruise ships when you are finally done.

4- Is that dude creepy, or is he really nice? Am I just jaded?

5- Seriously. I want to go back to school! .... don't I?

6- I wish I could have spoken with you on the phone today, I'm worried about you. Please call me when you can. I love you, you are a wonderful friend. Not only do I enjoy your company, but I appreciate you as a person.

7- I WANTED to call you today, in fact, I thought about you most of the day. I'm so sorry I haven't called you, and I promise I will... its not you... its STUFF and TIMING. Both are poor excuses, and I know that. I'm sorry, I feel like an ass.

8- The baby is beautiful and wonderful and I love him probably about as much as you guys do... what I don't say often enough, is that I love you both that much too. I would do anything for you, and I'd make up all kinds of other stupid stuff to do "for you" even though you never asked me to.

9- My mom is the most amazing, inspiring, wonderful, beautiful person I've ever met.

10- Right at this very moment, the most important thing in the world to me is your happiness. I give thanks every day that you are my friend, and tomorrow I will do a secret toast just in honor of your friendship.

11- Why would you call me and tell me stories about naked fat chicks? (yeah thanks, totally still stuck in my head. EW!)

1 comment:

CamiKaos said...

yes you are jaded... but I bet whoever that dude was, he was creepy...