13 November 2006

What is it about the rain....

Like a cleansing, the world smells better, looks better, feels fresher.

I actually ran in the rain today. I do not run. Ever. But today, I ran. True, it was only across a parking lot, but I had this feeling that I parked in the back on purpose, that I almost did myself a favor. Water is falling from the sky in buckets, the puddles are inches deep, and I'm running through a parking lot, skipping over puddles, laughing at myself and the world.

The feeling of fresh, clean, new water hitting my skin, the chill of the cold breeze stinging my cheeks, the crisp, moist air filling my lungs, just that feeling of being alive. For a brief flash of time, there was nothing else in the world. When I got to my car, I didn't want to get inside, I just stood looking at it feeling a little dazed, and honestly, I wanted to keep running (only I really wanted to take off my coat and shoes first).

As usual, common sense won, and I jumped into the car to continue my day. But, just for that one fleeting minute, I felt more free and happy than I have in years.

I suppose this is one of those moments we all need to remember to observe and appreciate when we have them. I know they happen every day, probably more than once a day... those little bits of time that could make a great memory, the little snapshots of life that we should all consciously choose to put into our memories. If we don't make the decision that "this moment right here is really great and I'm going to save it," those little instants will be lost forever.

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