27 January 2007

Caviar Dreams

The Muse is back... (thanks smarty pants).

Friday was my birthday (and seriously, thanks to everyone for all the love and happy wishes, it was great to feel so special... and not in the short bus way I usually feel speical). I've been relatively grumpy lately, so I decided that midnight to midnight on the 26th would be "happy time." Everything icky that I've been dealing with with for months and months (and some of it longer), I was planning to put it aside and just have 24 hours of pure unadulterated happiness.

Actually, I was amazed. Deciding that I was going to have a happy day actually worked. I mean really, for the most part, everything was great. I was in a good mood, cheerful even, and from 7am to about 11:30 pm I had an amazing day. It wasn't the 24 hours I was aiming for... but, it was pretty close.

Considering that midnight to three in the morning (early Friday the 26th) I was in a shouting match with my "husband" (more to come on this later... perhaps much later, we'll see). Then from 11:30 pm until about two in the morning (Friday night to Saturday morning), he decided to push me hard enough that I finally agreed that our relationship is over. Yes. That was his gift to me. And, it was so much sweeter than the gifts I received on our 10th anniversary. Let's just say I didn't get either the traditional gift [Tin or Aluminum] or the modern gift [diamond jewlery]... but henceforth the 10 year anniversary will be known as the "vibrator and buffet" anniversary... well, it will be for me anyway.

I don't quite know where to go from here... but, at least I know where I am. Possibly for the first time in my life, I know exactly where I am.

(See Muse, I told you I'd "out" myself soon enough. *pbthththththth*)

25 January 2007

Wanted: One "good" blog.

So I was told yesterday that I "need" to post a new blog... its been too long. Then I was informed it should be a "good" blog. No pressure.

Great. Stupid Muse. You are supposed to give me ideas, not writer's block! Punk-ass Muse, stick to what you're good at: being easy on the eyes, and inspiring thought (hey stop that, I was NOT being dirty).

I suppose I'm really not in a great place for writing. I've been kind of grumpy, depressed, and confused. Even though I've been showering and getting dressed every day, I really haven't been going anywhere or doing anything (unless booze shopping at TJ's counts). When you don't interact with the outside world, its kinda hard to write about it. And really, I don't think a blog titled "what I found in the garbage disposal" is going to make anyone happy. Besides, Jessa already cornered the market on blogs about disgusting things one can find in a sink.
Guess I'll have to get out of the house and do some people watching today... maybe I'll have something fun to write later.
[above picture is © Anneth 'Waterballoon Vixen' Lagamo. All rights reserved]

18 January 2007

It's In the Cards

Two days ago I stopped in at the local convenience store to pick up some beer. *Yes, champagne and buffalo wings, beer and brie... its just the kinda girl I am.* When I get to the register the first thing I notice is that the clerk is new, and he's eyeballing me.... in kind of a creepy way.

I feel I should go back a little, and mention that I've been making purchases at this particular convenience store for over eight years now, so I fully don't appreciate the 'new kid' giving me any flack. And just as I'm about to mention how he really should have chosen pediatrician as a career path because his convenience store customer service skills are just absolutely astounding, he says, "you do realize we're carding everyone these days?"

As I'm saying, "oh! yeah sure, no problem!" and digging for my ID, the lady in line behind me says to him,"Good thing too, this one is definitely not old enough to buy beer."

The way I see it, I could take this commentary one of two ways.

1- the guy is carding every single person that comes in no matter what, because he's young(-ish) and new, and doesn't really know any better & the lady behind me was just being polite and had a "witty" comment to share.


2- WooooHooooo!!! Happy early birthday to me! *happy dance happy dance happy dance* I'm telling people I'm 25 for the next three years!

Yeah, the second option is much more fun.

15 January 2007

The Audience is Listening.

Every time I sit down to write, I consider my audience. Not just whoever stumbles across my blog (which I realize could be anyone), but also where I cross-post, and who is going to be reading, who is going to be commenting. Many times I can just sit and type, but there are (and especially lately) times when I type something then delete it based on my audience (or potential audience).

I was thinking about it earlier today, and I realized that a majority of my audience is made up of my faire friends (thank you Tribe). I started to wonder, what makes us so different? I know its not an original thought, but what is it about the 'faire family' that makes us so strong, so unusual? Why is it that I feel like I can go to someone I've only known for about 12 days a year, for the last few years (anywhere from 1 faire season to 11 faire seasons), and pour out some of my deepest, darkest, most absurd feelings, and they would understand? How is it that I can be so deeply in love with my faire family, that it affects my day-to-day life?

One of the obvious answers is that we all seem to share a similar "passion" for faire. It is home for many of us, and it seems that for some, when we aren't there, we tend to carry a bit of 'homesickness'. To fill the void, we stay in touch via the computer, the telephone, and sometimes even spending silly amounts of money just to visit for a weekend. If I go a day without talking to at least one 'faire friend', I feel like something is missing (and really, it is).

The other answer I've been able to come up with is that you people are an addiction. How could someone with my personality traits NOT be addicted to faire and the people who make it what it is? The attention, the attraction, the sexual energy, the constant flow of adrenaline, the continual laughter, the being able to say (nearly) any stupid thing that pops into my head to (nearly) any person walking by ... the ability to walk down the street and not get five feet without running into a friend. When I'm not there I miss it all, when I'm not there I miss you all.

Then again, maybe we're all such great friends because, where else are you going to find such a sick perverted group of drama geeks/history buffs/band dorks in one place?

Like attracts like..... and damn if I don't like you people.

12 January 2007

Drunk Blog 2.0

9:20 pm
I'm not usually one for the sweet fruity drinks, but tonight I needed the sugar ... and well, sometimes fruity-girly drinks make me cheerful (other times they just upset my tummy). So far so good, I mixed cherry-pomegranate juice, orange juice, and rum.... its mostly rum and pomegranate, but the orange just gives it that perfect little tangy kick.

I'm going to need to name this thing. Any suggestions?

I've decided this will be the blog I add to all night long... every half hour or so until I go to bed, I'm going to add to it... this way you can follow my progressive drunkenness... as if that was exactly what you had in mind... wheeee.. sing along with me..."this is the blog that never ends... yes, it goes on and on my friends... someone started typing, not knowing what it was... and now they'll keep on typing just because..."

How about Angst? (for an amusing definition see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angst). Maybe we could call it Weltschmerz? (another amusing definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weltschmerz and you can find the pronunciation here: http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/Weltschmerz).
Not because the taste of the drink really reminds me of either emotion... what does emotional sewage taste like anyway? I mean, really who in their right mind would want to drink sewage in the first place. Let me do you a favor, if your drink tastes anything like any kind of sewage, don't drink it.

10:35 pm
Boys. ugh. Ya know, they're always pulling my pigtails, and doing gross things like flipping their eyelids inside out and chasing me around. What the hell? Boys are icky. But, sometimes they are funny. Fruity drinks, however, while enjoyable, are not icky or funny. We should throw rocks at them... um... the boys, not the fruity drinks. I think its time to get out the crayons.... anyone have any glitter I can borrow?

10:45 pm
How did we go from pigtails and crayons to porn and "toys"? I need to drink more and faster.

11:00 pm
How is time going so quickly? Is this what fruity drinks usually do to a person... make them giggly and want to listen to Duran Duran? Girls are just crazy. *taking a break from typing to dance to Rio*

11:35 pm
Audra has been sending me text msgs. from the Justin Timberlake concert. I started out laughing at the fact that anyone would spend money on JT... but now, I'm laughing because she's having such a great time, yet still stopping in the middle of the concert to text me. Next question, how is it possible that I am such good friends with someone who would even go to a JT concert?

11:55 pm
On a completely unrelated note, boys are also dumb. and confusing. But, some of them are cute, and make me laugh uncontrollably. I appreciate that. Laughing is good. And, fun.

12:30 am
Fun is fun, but when everyone else is sleeping, I get lonely. I suppose its time for TV... maybe eventually sleep. Thanks for keeping me entertained and happy.
I have the best friends in the world. I'll basically be free all weekend... call if you wanna. I'd love to chat.

g'night... sweet dreams to you all.

Friday Night Blues, Reds, and Greens

On the positive side; my husband is gone for the weekend, I have good beer and good music, I had a shower today, and any of you can call me at any point this weekend (let the drunk dialing commence!)

On the negative side; Its kinda lonely, I'm drinking alone, I don't have a baby sitter, and Faire is still 8-ish months away.

I'm thinking I'd like to kill the day doing something fun tomorrow... zoo, aquarium, beach & a picnic lunch... something kid friendly (see above, no sitter). Maybe drive down to Pescadero and visit a quiet little redwood grove I used know down there. Other ideas are definitely welcome.

If anyone wants to join me, let me know, I'd love the company. I'll even drive.

08 January 2007

Morris Enterprises Does it Disney Style

(For those who don’t know, a big group of people from Ren. Faire – “Morris Enterprises” folks- took Disneyland by storm last weekend. Pictures to follow as soon as I steal them from Glen.)

It was the Most Amazing Weekend.

Thank you so so so much to Kelly & Ryan for everything, you guys are seriously the best hosts. I really appreciate you letting me stay at your place, and taking care of me so well all weekend.

Thank you to Glen & Helaina for driving me to and from the airport, and just being amazing, helpful, and wonderful all weekend.

…from the point of view of someone who hasn’t been to Disneyland in about 12 years, here’s my recap:

Saturday morning sometime around 7am found Michelle, Ryan, Kelly, and me on a tram headed to the front gate of Disneyland... dressed in our finest formal wear and comfy shoes, and chanting (quite loudly) "Didneylan! Didneylan! Didneylan!" (Though, that was mostly Ryan). Even small children were giving us funny looks... yep, leave it to us to frighten small children on our way into Disneyland. (For those interested in keeping track, the score is Morris Enterprises: 1, Disneyland: 0).

We found Moira, Lauren, and Kristen (or did they find us?) sometime just before 8 and they jumped in line with us (Score another for Morris Enterprises…ME: 2, Disneyland: 0). Once inside the park, we went over to “City Hall” and procured around 15 “Happy Birthday Drew” badges (score one for Disney! ME: 2, Disneyland: 1). While those were being made, another cast member decided all the girls needed princess badges too and handed them out (ME: 3, Disneyland: 1). We also ended up with pirate badges… and Ryan was given a special one too… but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Most masculine princess perhaps?

Breakfast consisted of your typical fare, plus Mickey Mouse pancakes, and a general chaotic rearranging of many chairs and tables in the dining room (ME:4, Disneyland: 1). Once we all had a bit of caffeine and/or sugar (and oh so much laughter) it was time to hit the park. Yes, the General Disney Population didn’t stand a chance.

Hm… Pirates, Nanning Brood arrives and the Morris Family Love grows (ME:5, Disneyland: -1), Haunted Mansion, tiara purchases, carousel ride (where we all did princess waves and blew kisses to the masses…ME: 6, Disneyland: -2 ½), and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (which Moira and I decided with the ME gang there should be renamed Mistress Toad’s Wild Ride). At some point right around this time Glen and Helaina show up, and once again, the ME love grows (ME: 7, Disneyland: -3).

We’ve all been wished “Happy Birthday Drew” at least once (ME:7, Disneyland: -2), and we’re starting to feel like we can take over the park. It was at about this time we decide its time for Space Mountain, and on our way, run into Elena. Elena is some sort of guest relations person for the park (“Guest Services Ambassador”), and she decides to walk with us to Space Mountain, asking us questions about why we’re dressed formal, and who Drew is. We get to Space Mountain, and after a few seconds of talking she takes us straight through to the front of the line and puts us on the ride (Elena gets huge bonus points! ME: 8, Disneyland: 2, Elena 10).

Space Mountain was amazing, all decked out rock and roll style, and blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers “Higher Ground.” I was so impressed with the ride, it was the first time that day I started yelling “Againagainagainagainagainagain!!” I’m still shocked that they let us go through a second time (ME: 10, Disneyland: 3, Elena: 10). Not only did I feel slightly bad for the people who had been standing in line for the last hour who had to wait even longer, but the ONE lone girl that ended up stuck with us in the last row of the car. Yes, now we had actually abducted someone (ME: 12, Disneyland 3, Elena 10).

Autopia next, where Elena again helped us avoid a long line, and also helped us to realize that since we had someone in a wheelchair with us, we could avoid a lot of the long lines altogether (ME: 13, Disneyland 3, Elena 15). And, then she hooked us up with special seating for the Fantasmic show later that night… we love Elena (ME: 14, Disneyland 3, Elena 20).

So yes, food, paddleboat ride (where the ladies hung over the rail and did the ‘princess wave’ at everyone in the park as we went by), Cindy & Juan add more ME love (ME:15, Disneyland 2, Elena 20). Drinks at the California Grand Hotel, where Glen continues his hunt for “hidden Mickeys” and Kelly gives a lovely toast to Drew. A wonderful time is had by everyone but the cocktail waitress (ME: 16, Disneyland 2, Elena 20).

Disney’s California Adventure is awesome. While we were buying beer a cast member approached Helaina and I and said, “Oh! More of the ‘Drew Crew’!” We started talking, and explained that we were there for much more than just a birthday celebration, but to celebrate the life of a wonderful friend. After hearing our story, she said, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” She returned with a huge handful of special Tinkerbell pins, and explained that they only give them to people who are celebrating special events. Helaina and I were so excited, we hugged her and ran back to the group to hand them out (ME: 17, Disneyland: 3, Elena: 20).

A couple more rides, then back over to Disneyland for rides, and the Fantasmic show where we had the most amazing seats (serious bonus points for Elena, and Disneyland for putting on such a great show… ME: 18, Disneyland: 10, Elena: 25). We shut down the park on Saturday night… and all agreed it was the Most Amazing Day Ever.

We knew that Drew must have been with us the whole time, paving the way. I think we could all feel his presence in everything we did, and all the magical things that happened. I miss him so much, but for that one day, I could practically see him smiling his ‘goofy grin’, hear his laugh one more time, and feel the warmth of his friendship and love in the sunlight which touched each one of us.

Thank you Drew, for your friendship, for your love, and for touching each and every one of our lives in a way that only you knew how to do.

Final score: Morris Enterprises takes the win by virtue of being the most amazing family I’ve ever had the pleasure of choosing to be a part of.