29 July 2008


Last Friday night, I had the opportunity to adventure into San Francisco's Mission district, and have a couple of drinks at Medjool.

If you ever have the chance to drop in, definitely do. But, don't just hang out downstairs... venture up to the roof.

I know I should have looked at the menu, as a matter of fact, I was dying to. But, I was kinda hungry, and didn't want to order some amazing overpriced dish. Judging by other people's responses to the menu, and the girl that brought Popeye's, I am guessing it was a yummy looking menu but the prices weren't necessarily ideal. Honestly, I'd love to go back and have dinner on the roof.

We started the evening downstairs in the bar and restaurant. Very comfortable. Sofas, pillows, and overstuffed ottomans , combined with earthy tones created a relaxing place to sit and drink. The restaurant area didn't look quite as comfortable, but I did notice a lot of people drinking champagne. So, obviously, this is a place to go when you have things to celebrate... and money to spend.

After a beer downstairs, we headed up to the roof. And wow, what a view. Part of me was really annoyed that I didn't bring my camera, yet another part was glad I didn't... because really, I looked dorky enough texting Twitter the whole time.

The service was definitely better downstairs, but with as crowded as it was on the roof, and as large as our group was (and we were drinking, not eating), it didn't surprise me.

Go early, get upstairs, and get yourself a table. It is definitely worth it, even if you go just for a $6 beer, an appetizer, and the view. And, totally bring your camera (I know I will next time).

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