01 November 2007

Many Hats

On my way home from work today, I realized I did not actually perform my specific job title at all... I am an "instructional assistant." I did do a bit of instructing today (stop that, don't provoke her, can you not threaten me, etc...), and I did do some assisting today (can I help you find something, can I just do that for you, can I help you find some way to walk away from me so that you'll stop spitting on me, etc...).

What I did do today:

Lunch Lady
Pastry Chef
Sous Chef
Jail Warden (more of a feeling than an actual job duty)
Mental Health Counselor
Tech Support
Telephone Operator
Office Assistant
Copy Editor
Master of "Walkie-Talkie Pong" (ok, that was yesterday, but too funny not to include)

Not to mention, Mommy, ex-wife, best friend, daughter, girlfriend (um...-ish??) (and no, I'm not complaing about any of these, just saying, they are more hats I've put on today).

...and there is always; chamber maid, kitchen cleaning crew, laundry steward, accountant, waitress, personal dressing coach (ShortBus needs someone to dress him), professional tucker-inner, and story teller (one of my personal favorites).

Seriously... can I put all this stuff on my resume?

I don't mind wearing a lot of these hats. Dare I say I even like it, for the most part? Even though I am not paid anywhere near what I'm worth, I do the best I can (and, sometimes I don't feel like my best is enough)regardless of the pay.

Sometimes I wonder just how much time I should take on a weekly basis to remove the hat(s) and just be. I think this past weekend (especially Sunday) was the first time in at least two months, I actually took off all the hats, and just existed. It was nice, but made it really difficult to come back to the multi-hat world of Monday morning.

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