21 October 2007

Mental Illness: not just for breakfast anymore.

There is only one way to describe my work... by letting you experience just a little taste of it.

These quotes have been compiled over the last month or so.

"These crackers taste like tea bag!"
"Marge get off the phone!" (there is no one named Marge anywhere at our facility)
"Pets are smart people!" (this was actually said by one of the teachers)
"NO! Scottish IS Jewish. I swear!"
"You are dumb! D-U-M spells dumb, and that's you!"
"Pay attention to my face!!"
"How do you spell Orangutan..wait! I mean potato?"
"Whoever smelt it dealt it." (ah, the classics never die)
"They did good, it matches your face" (in reference to a co-workers fixed teeth)
"Elton John?! He's not gay, he's a good singer!"
"GAH! Leave me alone!!!!" (after asking her what she wanted for breakfast)
"The voices in your head, are SO NOT a 6th sense." (yeah, that one was me)

and, my favorite conversation from last week:
Student: "I wish I were allergic to metal."
Me: "oh? uhm...I know I'm going to regret asking this, but why?"
Student: "So I could stay away from people."

Oh, and I should mention that one day last week, The ShortBus let me know that his "blue mustache has blue on it." I'm not entirely sure where that came from, but he just wanted to be sure I knew. And now, we all know.


CamiKaos said...

"Pay attention to my face!!"

I am occasionally guilty of this one when K is looking EVERYWHERE else while I am trying to talk to her


Mum2Angus_n_Molly said...

"The voices in your head, are SO NOT a 6th sense."

I knew this HAD to be you. I can totally hear you saying this.

Woodcuts said...

I used to work at FF and I am enjoying your blogs!! Ernest gave me the link. I can guess who said each of those things pretty accurately I think...love it!

I'm Erica by the way, don't know if you remembered...thanks for the amusement!