01 October 2007

The Joy

Many times, in my world, it seems that when life is working well for me, it is not working well for most of my friends... and vice versa. The best part of being me is having the ability to make others laugh, I love to see people happy, and this weekend... I noticed a lot of happy.

The last 5 days have been amazing.

I have noticed more joy and happiness in my friends, than I have in years. To the point where I sat down Sunday night and cried and thanked the universe (or whatever there is to thank) for all good things coming together at once... and all of us being able to appreciate joy at the same time. Almost everyone was SO happy, and it was so nice to see for once.

There are psychological principles which discuss the way our brains process events, and that we are more likely to retain the traumatic events in our lives than the good events. The day I learned about this, I began to attempt to retrain my brain to retain the good. Yes, I will remember the bad things, but I have always had a terrible memory, and I figured if I'm only going to remember a few things, I'd much rather it be the good stuff.

From this weekend, I managed to retain all the good... and actually ended up with a few pictures to keep those memories forever (thanks to Glen and others, I didn't bother to get out MY camera).

Glen being knighted.
Visits from Millie, Portia, Bill, Angus, Eric... and others (at the booth while I was working - shh... don't tell Patrick).

Meeting Gar, SaintOn, Beth and so many other people. (you are all so amazing! How'd I get so lucky?)

Having the ability to chat with Kurt and Danielle... again. (love you guys)

Curling up, warm, and safe next to an amazing Italian, who seems to tolerate a drunk snoring Giddy really well. (yay for earplugs!)

Being French... and part of the Sunday Polka-dot Panty Brigade with Jessica & Anita. Stripes next weekend oui?

Bloody Sunday... Thanks George (and no, bloody Sunday has nothing to do with polka-dot panties, don't be gross!)

Girl's Ale... "I can't finish this, lets give it to Giddy." (a quote I overheard a couple of times... thanks for that & yay me!)

The scavenger hunt, and actually raising REAL donations for boobies. We all love them, I just didn't realize, if I put it on the list, you guys would actually make serious donations. Thank you so much. I love my family. And, I love being able to say that as silly as we are, when something matters, we totally can make a difference. You guys have no idea how much you all mean to me.

Its funny, I thought last year was the best faire ever... I wasn't sure how it could be topped. This year has just blown it out of the water. I'm looking forward to two more weekends of general happiness and random joy... readygo.


CamiKaos said...

cheers sweetie.

Mum2Angus_n_Molly said...

I'm so happy to hear how well things are going for you. Goodness knows you deserve it and so much more! :-)