27 November 2007

Not Good-Bye...

...definitely a see-ya later.

I have to say, I feel really fortunate that I got to meet and work with The Vegan Co-Worker.

He was the one who trained me for my job. And, from day one, he was my partner in crime. Inappropriate jokes, less-than-theraputic conversations with clients, many moments that kept us both sane on the job.... not to mention all the times where we made a great team, and actually accomplished something good. The tons of times we worked together to keep a student from hurting themselves (or someone else), or talked someone out of doing something stupid, or maybe even (gasp) taught someone something useful.

I have learned tons from him (not just about vegan eating, bike riding, running, but other 'healthy' pursuits, and some music stuff too), and honestly, I don't know if I'll ever be able to express how much of a friend I feel I have in him.

Stupid frickin' ginger... what in the hell are we going to do without you?

Take good care of The Wife, and The Boy, and tell them I'll meet them when you all come back (even if you only return for a visit). I feel like I know them, though we've never met, and I think they are amazing (plus, I'm pretty sure The Wife & I combined would be a force to be reckoned with).

I wish you all only the best, and can't wait to hear stories & see tons of pictures from Canada.

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Ernest said...

I hope that everything is going well today although I understand the dynamics at work.

I feel very sad in leaving in a lot of ways. I am hopeful for the future too but right now I am sad for what is being left behind. It is a sad commentary that work that is so important as is helping these kids is valued so little in a professional sense.

I feel like I did the best that I could when I was there and that the wider organization did not. I know you and our peers do their best also and likely feel the same way.

And geez, the place is going to be ginger free soon. yikes.