14 November 2007

At least the suit was good

(her)"Can you define Developmental Disability?"
(my inside voice) "lalalalalala... oooooh shiny...wait, what? FOCUS!"
(my outside voice) "wow, that's kind of general... can YOU?"
(her, with attitude) "actually, I can, but I'm not the one being interviewed."
(my inside voice) "oh crap, what just happened?"
(my outside voice) *nervous laughter* "I'm sorry, I was kidding... yes, yes I can. I'm sure of it."

So, I was ambushed. I was expecting a "normal" interview... I had a panel interview. Each person with a list of questions longer than a baby's arm. Each question VERY job specific... seriously, I had easier exams in college.

Over all, I think I did OK. Yes, just OK. I think I have a 60/40 chance of getting the job.

I really want this job, which is why I was so dang nervous. And, I am fully frustrated that I can go for an interview for a job I don't want, and they offer it to me on the spot. But, something I really want... I end up murdering the funny, and just hoping that isn't what the interviewer remembers about me.

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