01 March 2007

The Silver Lining...

So, after being up all night (literally 2:30 am) arguing with the "soon to be ex", I got up this morning, and dove head first into legal paperwork and all kinds of icky mumbo-jumbo. Finally got it all sorted out, ran it all past the Man (we actually agreed on everything... amazing), and decided to go down and file for the divorce today. But, they only take cash or money order, so off to the bank first.

This was the first time I had been into the bank since they were told about the impending divorce. It is a teeny little Credit Union, manager and one full-time/one part-time teller. I've been banking there for about 12 years, the manager started as a teller probably 10 or so years ago. Needless to say she knows me VERY well. I have invited her to my house for parties, we hang out at union picnics and barbecues, we're cool.

So, I go in, she waves me over, and we huddle up at the little table in the corner. We chat for a while about all the divorce stuff, everything going on, I ask her a few questions about money, and find out that I CAN have an account there even after the divorce is final (I thought I couldn't since I'm not a union member).

I kind-of laughed when she said I could have an account, and said, well I don't have anything right now... no job, no money, but I'm looking, so you'll be among the first to know if I find something.

She says, "seriously, you're looking for a job?"
I say, "yep."
She says, "part-time ok?"
I say, "right now I'll take anything so I can have some money and move out of the house."
She says, "my part-timer just gave me two-weeks notice Monday, how do you feel about 15-20 hours a week at $12 an hour?"
I say, "where do I sign?"

Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! So, I'm going to take my filled out application back tomorrow morning, but I all but have the job. Just have to take care of the official stuff, and find some kind of day-care or preschool for Jake (ack!).

So, the rest of the story goes... I go down to the court house, find a brilliant parking spot. Walk right in, no line, get to the counter (yay! I went to the right place), hand the lady the paperwork, and she says, "wow, are you a document assistant or something?"

I say, "nope. just very organized." She's all about, "wow, this is great!" Takes the paperwork, takes the money, and badda boom... in six months from today (September 1, 2007) I will be officially divorced.

And, I feel really good about it.

I'm going to make some calls, find someone to take me out to dinner and celebrate tonight or tomorrow night... I'm in the mood!

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with a real estate agent to discuss my options, and the possibility of my buying a condo sometime in the next few months. I'm pretty excited about it!

My head is still spinning! *insert crazy goofy happy dance here*


CamiKaos said...

Oh My God.

Oh my god.

oh my god.

What a great day. You and your sparkling personality win out everytime... Hooray for the great you!!! I can't wait to hear about your first day of work. I can't wait for you to start your new life... well I guess you just did... I'm so proud I want to wrap you up in the biggest hug and pour a drink down your throat and force feed you fine cheeses... don't know where that instinct comes from but it's what comes to mind.

HOORAY FOR GIDDY!!! you get caps and punctuation.
love love. xoxo.

Giddy. said...

hahahaa! I love you!!

Bubblewench said...

That went very well!! I'm glad to hear that is is now behind you. I would have totally taken you out to dinner if I could have!! Congratulations on walking into what sounds like could be the perfect job for you right now too!

Have a shot on me and send me the bill.

:) Big Smiles for you today. What a great way for me to start my Monday, hearing how awesome things are going for you and how awesome they are going to be too.