27 February 2007

Can you hear it?

If last night was (in part) about loneliness, tonight is about solitude.

A child that fell asleep early on the couch, a perfectly cooked, timed, and delicious meal, and now the house is clean, the radio and TV are off, and I have realized... it is beautifully, wonderfully, gloriously peaceful.

I close my eyes, my body relaxes, I hear the sound of the rain, a bit of distant thunder, and quiet. No dogs barking, no cars, no sirens, no trains, no one forcing me to pay attention to them. For this brief moment, right here, right now... all is at peace.

The break-down last night was exactly what I needed. A release of powerful emotion to rejuvenate my spirit. I know it sounds cliche, but it was cleansing, and absolutely freed up some resources in my mind to now move on to other things. Now that I have attended to those things, they don't seem quite as scary... they don't seem much of anything... they just "are." And, I am completely at ease with just allowing them to be, for now.

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