29 March 2007

Dreaming of Me

I have always felt like writing about my dreams would be too personal, any one who knows me, understands how important I believe dreams are, and how intensely personal they can be.

There have been times recently when a friend has said, "I had the strangest dreams last night." And, either I didn't ask, or I was very hesitant, as much as I'd like to know... I don't think its fair of me to casually say, "oh really? what was it about?" When that friend has no idea how much they are really opening up to me, how much telling me about their dreams can potentially tell me about them.

This morning when I woke up it occurred to me that all my dreams in the last few weeks have been conversations with different friends. In some, the setting and situation is enough to tell me all I need to know... the words weren't the important part. In others, the setting and situation is so bland (like sitting at a kitchen table), that I know the conversation was the important part. In all of them, I can't remember a single darn word.

I've trained myself over the years to remember the details; colors, shapes, sounds, smells, impressions, emotions. Those are the things I usually pull from the 'big picture' to help me interpret the concept of the dream. At times, there are "bits and scraps of conversation," usually specific phrases, that will stick with me. Recently though, I awake with nothing but an image of the person, and the knowledge that I've had an important conversation.

I am so frustrated that I can't remember the words, not even a phrase. I know its all somewhere in my brain, and a part of me knows exactly what was said. I'm sure at some point I will have the information at hand, and be able to use it when its needed. But, for now, I'm just annoyed.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I had this dream about a pig wearing an evening dress riding a motorcycle while eating a peanut butter sandwich.

Okay not really, but it's funny.

Bubblewench said...

I have a recurring dream about this huge house in the woods and all my friends are there and I'm always lost in it, trying to get back to them or find someone else (lately it's been the new husband). I am very interested in dreams myself and try to rememember as much as I can.. when you least expect it, you'll remember the conversations that you NEED to...

CamiKaos said...

this has nothing to do with this post, though it was a good post. I just wanted to say that I love the new profile pic.

Kristen McD said...

Maybe it isn't the conversation that's important. Maybe it's the image of the person. The feeling that you are important to them. Because you are, you know.