17 November 2009

Another Year

Today is CSB's birthday.  (and once again, I say Happy Birthday!)

So, yes, I made a nice dinner, we had yummy chocolate birthday cake, and enjoyed a bottle of wine.  And, as I reflect on another year racing by, I realize that each year we have spent together has been better than the last.  Every day we have the opportunity to spend together is better than the the one before.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of his life and so thankful that life has conspired to bring us together in the way that it has.

As much as he has enjoyed all the little birthday surprises I had planned for him, I have enjoyed his happiness and his enjoyment ten times more.  Over this last weekend I realized that I prefer to plan and watch other people have their birthdays so much more than I enjoy any other holiday.  I absolutely love seeing the people I love happy... and I love being part of the reason for that happiness.  And that, that is what matters.

Happy birthday.

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