09 June 2008

When a plan comes together...

Last week, I spontaneously decided that I needed a night away. Not just away at CSB's house, but Away. So, after much hemming and hawing, and research on the interwebs, I finally decided Point Arena was Away enough, and made a reservation.

Yes. Please.
Ocean View?
Yes. Please.
Yes. Please.
Jacuzzi Tub?
YES. PLEASE! Where do I sign!?

CSB brought the bottle of Chandon Vintage Brut I had hidden in his fridge (so I didn't drink it on a random Wednesday... trust me, it was tempting), and Saturday morning we hit the road.

A lovely drive up the coast on a clear blue day, which included a very thoughtful gift from CSB (clever guy that he is), a walk on the beach collecting rocks and shells, a very nice room, and a late lunch on the balcony. The weather was perfect, blue skies, a light breeze, I could feel my skin drinking in the sunshine (without also drinking up a sunburn)... step one in the relaxing and rejuvenating process.

The only thing exceptional about dinner was the company and the view. The restaurant was "out" of a lot of things (certain wines, crab, artichoke hearts... *sigh*), and I was shocked that on a Saturday night in "busy" season they would be missing certain key ingredients from the menu, but life goes on.

After dinner, another walk on the beach, then back to the room for a fire, a bath, and champagne. The champagne I've been waiting on for months. The champagne that was a birthday present to myself. And, OH... yes, it was worth the wait. I realize that reclining in a whirlpool bathtub (with someone you very much enjoy), would make even a cheap champagne seem "great"... but really... wow.

We woke up relaxed and refreshed the next morning, and after a quick trip down to the beach, we were ready for the long winding drive back to civilization.

Glowing Recommendation: Next time you are passing through Bodega Bay, be sure to stop at the Tides Wharf Restaurant & Bar. Although a little pricey, the view, service, and food was wonderful! And, they weren't "out" of anything!

An excellent weekend, I definitely needed that.

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