12 June 2008

I is A Smrt... and is kinda awsm too

Have you ever had a project where you knew what it would take to get it done, but you weren't quite sure if you could get there on your own? Or, you're pretty sure you can do it on your own, but you've only seen other people do similar things, and you've never actually tried anything like it before?

I'll give a little back-story for those who don't know...

Just over a year ago, I moved in with my best friend. My room is a converted garage. Truly, it is very cool... it's like having a little teeeeeeeeny tiny studio apartment, big enough for a tv and couch, a couple of book shelves, a little computer area, a little bedroom-y area, and some storage shelves... and on really hot days, I fill a cooler with beer and pretend I have my own fridge (looka me! I'm an adult!).

Unfortunately, because it is where it is... not only "outside," but also just "outside" of the bay area... it tends to get quite hot. According to the interwebs it's about 95 degrees here this afternoon... next time you have a 95 degree day, go on out to your garage at 4 in the afternoon... it tends to be a little melt-y, and a lot stifling.

So, my BFF goes to a family garage sale a couple of weeks ago, and comes across a portable air conditioning unit. She actually traded pieces of her own furniture so that she could bring this thing home and put it in my "room"... this would be why she's the BFF. She rocks.

Of course, I come home and see this tank and think, "yes, the cold would be lovely, but I live in a garage.. where the heck am I going to put this thing?" Crap. Ok. Wait. Baby steps Bob.

Step one: look at the directions and see if it's even going to be possible to hook it up. And, lo and behold, it looks like it might be likely... if I can manage to hook up the exhaust vent somewhere appropriate. Hm... well, I live in a garage... should be easy ventilation... except, all the walls are covered in corrugated metal (I dunno, I don't watch decorating shows, maybe this is all the rage). Yes, I have wainscoting... yes, it is corrugated metal.

Step two: find a vent that is near the bottom of the wall. I seem to remember one (that I've seen from the outside), next to the door. Look outside, and yeppers... only from the inside, it is covered. I mention this to my BFF and she comes in and says, "no problem, this stuff is just nailed up." She reaches out and tears down a piece of the metal, exposing the vent and says, "Just cut a hole in the metal." Sweet.

So, today I make a trip to Home Depot (yes, I know... I hate the place too), and pick up a pair of snips, some aluminum tape, and some duct work... oh yes, I said duct work. It's actually the end of an HVAC duct, where it would flair out to go into a register... perfect size for the exhaust hose in one end, and to fit into the vent at the other. Beauty.

I come home, bust out my tool bag (yep, a chick with tools... HOT), and get started. The most difficult part was getting started with the snips, not wanting to make any extra cuts, I decided to just punch through the metal, and start cutting. And really, it worked out well. I have to say, for my first time working with metal, only cutting my hand once (two little owies, but from the same incident, so it only counts as once) isn't too bad. Don't worry mom, I had a tetanus shot about three years ago, I'll be fine.

I actually cut the hole to the right size on the first try. Though, I suppose it technically could have been a bit bigger, but really... bigger isn't always better, especially when you have teh awsm aluminum tape to hide any mistakes. I didn't really expect the piece of duct work to stick out as far as it does, and I had some trouble re-attaching my fancy wainscoting, but again... the aluminum tape comes to the rescue (seriously, this stuff is like duct tape, only better, it doesn't melt).

And, for the most part that is hidden by the couch.

Oh yes, I did it myself. And, as much as certain boys like to tease me about not asking for help, it is so cool to know that I can do it on my own. I can go and purchase the right tools, and do the job all on my own. As nice as it is to know that I don't have to, it is just as nice to know that I can rely on myself. And, its really nice to have some cool air moving in my room.

OH Yeah... and YAY ME!


Bubblewench said...

You will be SO happy with one of those! We have one and it's the best thing ever.

Youse so smarter and stuff then mosdt of mes and us'es.

:) awsm works too.

Anonymous said...

Nice work :) enjoy the cool air!

Tyra said...

You're so handy!!

Audra said...

Dear God, let that thing be safe and not blow up Giddy. Amen.