25 January 2007

Wanted: One "good" blog.

So I was told yesterday that I "need" to post a new blog... its been too long. Then I was informed it should be a "good" blog. No pressure.

Great. Stupid Muse. You are supposed to give me ideas, not writer's block! Punk-ass Muse, stick to what you're good at: being easy on the eyes, and inspiring thought (hey stop that, I was NOT being dirty).

I suppose I'm really not in a great place for writing. I've been kind of grumpy, depressed, and confused. Even though I've been showering and getting dressed every day, I really haven't been going anywhere or doing anything (unless booze shopping at TJ's counts). When you don't interact with the outside world, its kinda hard to write about it. And really, I don't think a blog titled "what I found in the garbage disposal" is going to make anyone happy. Besides, Jessa already cornered the market on blogs about disgusting things one can find in a sink.
Guess I'll have to get out of the house and do some people watching today... maybe I'll have something fun to write later.
[above picture is © Anneth 'Waterballoon Vixen' Lagamo. All rights reserved]

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