18 January 2007

It's In the Cards

Two days ago I stopped in at the local convenience store to pick up some beer. *Yes, champagne and buffalo wings, beer and brie... its just the kinda girl I am.* When I get to the register the first thing I notice is that the clerk is new, and he's eyeballing me.... in kind of a creepy way.

I feel I should go back a little, and mention that I've been making purchases at this particular convenience store for over eight years now, so I fully don't appreciate the 'new kid' giving me any flack. And just as I'm about to mention how he really should have chosen pediatrician as a career path because his convenience store customer service skills are just absolutely astounding, he says, "you do realize we're carding everyone these days?"

As I'm saying, "oh! yeah sure, no problem!" and digging for my ID, the lady in line behind me says to him,"Good thing too, this one is definitely not old enough to buy beer."

The way I see it, I could take this commentary one of two ways.

1- the guy is carding every single person that comes in no matter what, because he's young(-ish) and new, and doesn't really know any better & the lady behind me was just being polite and had a "witty" comment to share.


2- WooooHooooo!!! Happy early birthday to me! *happy dance happy dance happy dance* I'm telling people I'm 25 for the next three years!

Yeah, the second option is much more fun.


CamiKaos said...

you're Marc's little sis right?

that rocks. either way, you get to take it as a compliment. happy birthday. have a nice year. :)

Giddy. said...

*LOL* Well, these days I am smaller than he is...

Thanks =D