12 January 2007

Drunk Blog 2.0

9:20 pm
I'm not usually one for the sweet fruity drinks, but tonight I needed the sugar ... and well, sometimes fruity-girly drinks make me cheerful (other times they just upset my tummy). So far so good, I mixed cherry-pomegranate juice, orange juice, and rum.... its mostly rum and pomegranate, but the orange just gives it that perfect little tangy kick.

I'm going to need to name this thing. Any suggestions?

I've decided this will be the blog I add to all night long... every half hour or so until I go to bed, I'm going to add to it... this way you can follow my progressive drunkenness... as if that was exactly what you had in mind... wheeee.. sing along with me..."this is the blog that never ends... yes, it goes on and on my friends... someone started typing, not knowing what it was... and now they'll keep on typing just because..."

How about Angst? (for an amusing definition see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angst). Maybe we could call it Weltschmerz? (another amusing definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weltschmerz and you can find the pronunciation here: http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/Weltschmerz).
Not because the taste of the drink really reminds me of either emotion... what does emotional sewage taste like anyway? I mean, really who in their right mind would want to drink sewage in the first place. Let me do you a favor, if your drink tastes anything like any kind of sewage, don't drink it.

10:35 pm
Boys. ugh. Ya know, they're always pulling my pigtails, and doing gross things like flipping their eyelids inside out and chasing me around. What the hell? Boys are icky. But, sometimes they are funny. Fruity drinks, however, while enjoyable, are not icky or funny. We should throw rocks at them... um... the boys, not the fruity drinks. I think its time to get out the crayons.... anyone have any glitter I can borrow?

10:45 pm
How did we go from pigtails and crayons to porn and "toys"? I need to drink more and faster.

11:00 pm
How is time going so quickly? Is this what fruity drinks usually do to a person... make them giggly and want to listen to Duran Duran? Girls are just crazy. *taking a break from typing to dance to Rio*

11:35 pm
Audra has been sending me text msgs. from the Justin Timberlake concert. I started out laughing at the fact that anyone would spend money on JT... but now, I'm laughing because she's having such a great time, yet still stopping in the middle of the concert to text me. Next question, how is it possible that I am such good friends with someone who would even go to a JT concert?

11:55 pm
On a completely unrelated note, boys are also dumb. and confusing. But, some of them are cute, and make me laugh uncontrollably. I appreciate that. Laughing is good. And, fun.

12:30 am
Fun is fun, but when everyone else is sleeping, I get lonely. I suppose its time for TV... maybe eventually sleep. Thanks for keeping me entertained and happy.
I have the best friends in the world. I'll basically be free all weekend... call if you wanna. I'd love to chat.

g'night... sweet dreams to you all.

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