02 January 2009

The Not Quite Famous

When I was 16, I was in a shop on Height-Ashbery... I turned around abruptly, and ran (nearly face first) into the chest of some guy. Only, he wasn't some guy... and it took me a second. I looked at him, and knew he was familiar (and REALLY cute)... but who... oh wait... Yes, I do know you.... Mike Patton.

You probably wouldn't recognize the name... even though you might know Mr. Bungle (no?), or Faith No More. Yes, he is one of many "not quite famous, but almost" people I've sort of met. I say "sort of" only because the brief moments I've had with all these "not quite famous, but almost" folks, aren't ever introductions.

And, let me say, right now, if you live in LA, I don't care who you've met, it doesn't count. If you live in LA, and you've met 436 famous people, I'm not impressed... in fact, if you live in LA and have never met anyone famous, that might impress me. But, really... "I've lived in LA for eight years and have met a TON of actors..." meh. It sounds good, but, I don't think it counts. I guess it's not necessarily the "who" so much as the "where." If you are somewhere random, you get more points than if you are somewhere "duh."

Yes, Mike Patton, Geddy Lee, Amanda Palmer, Donald Gibb, Tiffany, Angelo Moore (the list goes on)... odd run-ins, in odd places, at odd times. Not impressive by any means, but good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

and you even met ME :-P

Kristen said...

I live close to LA do my famous run ins not count? I met Sly Stalone outside of LA...half a point?