17 November 2008

A Wish...

I love birthdays.

Well, that's not entirely true. I love celebrating other people's birthdays. That's not to say I'm good at gift giving (I'm not), and that's not to say I'm good at phone calls (I'm definitely not). But, when I get the opportunity to plan something nice for someone, and enjoy it with them... well,that's when I love birthdays.

A weekend away in Monterey at a lovely hotel, an amazing dinner at Roy's (thank you again Johnny!), a beautiful sunny Sunday enjoying downtown Monterey and the aquarium.

It was truly fabulous.

I could take the time and find the words to describe what a wonderful weekend it was, but I really didn't want this post to be focused on the weekend. I wanted to focus on someone special, how happy I am to be a part of his life, and how much I enjoy celebrating all the special moments of our lives together.

There have been so many firsts that I've lost count (I actually had a count going for a while), so many things that might seem "little" to most people, yet have made me so happy I haven't been able to find the words to describe the feelings. I had written off things like "romance" and "love," assuming they didn't exist except in fairy tales and cheesy chick flicks, and even if they did, I would never experience them... I'm so glad I was wrong.

Thank you for being a part of my life, for sharing yours, and for all the happiness that has come from it...
Happy Birthday CSB.
May each one only get better from here.

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