18 November 2008

The Definition of Irony

Sitting in a booth at Denny's in Auburn on Sunday morning, I notice the people in the booth on the other side of us. In particular, I notice the scruffy young man (maybe in his early 20's) wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Gandhi on it.

I think: "that's kinda funny, I don't think I've ever seen a Gandhi t-shirt before."

Minutes later the waitress shows up with the table's order.

(this is where The Funny™ comes in...)

She serves Gandhi Guy last. I have never seen such a huge mountain of Denny's food in my life. I mean literally, the plate was piled HIGH with what looked like hash browns and eggs. THEN... she sets down a SECOND heaping plate of food. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I saw this much food set in front of one person. Of course... as I'm looking at these mountains of food, I realize... Gandhi is just barely peeking over the pile... staring past the food, directly at me with really hungry eyes.

The only way this could have been funnier... if the guy had opened the salt shaker and dumped the whole thing on his food.

Oh! No... wait... funnier: if it had been 14 lbs. of steak.


Ernest said...

I have memories of the Denny's in Auburn. I once parked my car there while going to a concert in Sac with my friends and while I was at the show the parking break on my car failed and it rolled away. The manager wanted to charge me for the damage that the car caused a cement block in their parking lot. I gave him a fake name and left.

Giddy. said...

you have no idea how many times I wished you could be there to share that with... seriously, I had daydreams about how much you would have enjoyed it.

Actually, one of the only reasons I wrote the blog, was to share it with you. Yet, it was just too good for a mere email.

The situation, the funny, so totally made for "our" type of humor. hahaha!