13 August 2008

One Week Later

I have been to meetings and workshops galore. I have been going non-stop. So much to do, and so little time.

My head is spinning with names and faces that I can't quite seem to match up. My desk is littered with business cards, all with the school district logo. I had to clear a shelf to pile up books, notebooks, folders, and paperwork.

The only things I know for sure:

I have a caseload of 19 students. I am responsible for all their paperwork, and evaluations, and I will have three major parent meetings in my first two months. These kids may or may not be in my classes.

I teach four class periods a day. Three are science... though, not the same science. I have 9th grade Integrated Science, 10th grade Biology, and 11th grade Health Science. One is a math class... "Applied Math" and apparently the class combines students of all grades, but most will be 9th and 10th graders. All this basically means is that I will have to come up with four different lesson plans, versus someone who teaches 10th grade English and has one lesson plan they use throughout the day.

My students are "Resource" students. Meaning they are just a bit slower than the rest in learning the material. I teach the same things as General Ed. teachers, only, slower. All my students are on a graduation track, and so will have to know specific material to pass the California High School Exit Exam.

I have a stack of books (teacher's editions) that weighs more than The ShortBus (but is much less wiggly). And, at the moment I'm just trying to put together some things to do in the first week of classes. Currently my desk and bed are covered with open books, folders, notebooks, and random sheets of paper. I feel so out of sorts when I'm this ill-prepared.

As a matter of fact, I've noticed that not only am I just "out of sorts" feeling, but I'm showing physical signs of stress too... my skin just can't take it, and I'm breaking out like a teenager, and not just zits, but welts, bumps, lumps, and itchy spots. I'm over-emotional, under-prepared, and running in circles.

On a more positive note, I did pick up a lovely pair of shoes this week, sparkly garnet red, and when I put them on today I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz... only with much cooler shoes. I clicked my heels together and said, "there's no place like now, there's no place like now."

Stay tuned for Shoe Porn Friday, I took the pictures this morning.


Unknown said...

I am so excited for you, Giddy! It will be hard but you will tackle this.

Tyra said...

You'll be great! Just breathe deep and release all your tension. Don't psych yourself out.

Jesslyn said...

Holy crap! So much, but I know you'll do wonderful. =)

Kat said...

Congrats Michele! I am so happy for you!! You will do great. You will do what you need to do to be prepared and they will love you! And even if they don't 'love' you, they will think you are pretty hip and they will definitely like you... and if they are extra lucky they will learn everything you teach them... because YOU ARE A TEACHER!!!!!! woo hoo!!!