03 March 2008

To my Friends:

... through all our petty differences
... all the little things
... any kind of drama we may have

...no matter what, we are still family.

Stronger than tradition, we are chosen. We have made the decision to be what we are to one another... the stronger the love we have for one another, the stronger all other emotions will be.

I have recently learned that it is better to love, or hate, than not have any feelings at all. So, fight for all your worth (but please, remember your boundaries), love all you can (and yet, don't let yourself be broken), and be passionate about all your emotions, feelings, and words toward one another. Just please, don't ever become apathetic.

For me, your passion for life is one of the reasons I love you all so much.

One of the reasons I have such great love for my "chosen" family is that you all have such strong passion... not just for faire, or one another, but for life. Remember that your passions bring you together, but they can also drive you apart. Remember that those passions (even in anger or "drama") are what keep us together, and that those passions are the Important common denominator. They are what keep us coming back to one another.

The strength of our passion is what makes us one.

We are a family. We have spats, we have rivalry, we have drama, but we also have that passion, and a love and understanding most people can't even fathom. When you feel like you need to bring that drama to the forefront, keep in mind that the people you are attacking, are also the people who love you and understand you like none other.

We have made a choice to be a family... and for good reason.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I lurv u.

You are one of the reasons I love working at faire.

So I *have* to put up with my mother-in-law, I don't have to put up with y'all- but I choose to, 'cause frankly- you all rock.