03 March 2008

Happiness & Bacon

I'm a pretty darn lucky girl.

Every so often it occurs to me... I'll hear or read a story, something fun, or silly, or sweet, or romantic, and think, "awww.. I want that..."

Then I realize, I either do have, or have had it.

For example, I was listening to the radio the other day, and Hey There Delilah comes on, and I think..."awww... that's sweet, I have always wanted someone to write a song for meeeeee." Then I realize I have several saved on my phone... not really romantic or anything, and definitely not marketable, but funny little songs a very good friend has randomly belted into his phone and left on my voicemail. The last one was a very personalized Happy Birthday song, that made me giggle like crazy when I heard it. What more could I want, someone to sing a song for me, to me, about me, that makes me smile and laugh. Not everyone gets that.

I have been in love (more than once)
I have been on a cruise with my best friend
I've had sweet things said to me that made me blush
I've had someone who cares hold my hand and tell me that everything is going to be ok
I've had a child curl up in my lap, look me in the eye, and tell me they love me
I have been given silly little gifts for no apparent reason
I've been surprised by flowers at my door, just for being me
I've been amazed by jewelry appearing out of thin air
I have had coffee in bed (or waiting for me on the counter, mere moments after getting out of the shower)
I have had bottles of champagne opened for me
I have been fed chocolate
I have had moments of joy, so intense, I thought my heart would burst
I've laughed until I cried (more times than I can count)
I have danced an impromptu waltz to a live band by moonlight
I have been kissed by a gorgeous stranger out of the blue
I woke up from a dream where I was being held by warm caring arms, to find that I was actually in those arms
I have said, "I wish you were here," and had him appear at my door
I've walked into a room and heard my name screamed by a bunch of people (then been tackled by said people)
I have had bacon bloody marys and eggs Florentine made for me on a lazy Sunday morning

Life isn't always perfect, but sometimes, it is.


Ernest said...

Did you know that the hey Delilah song was written about a woman who is a runner?

Anonymous said...

I love happiness- and bacon.