01 February 2008


I have much to say...

...and obviously, I don't have the moxy to say any of it. Heck, I don't even have the gumption to write any of it.

I think it. Sometimes I think it REALLY loudly. But, its just not the same.

Sometimes, I even have a glass of wine or two (*gasp*), and write it... then save it, and delete it the next day. Because, when I'm sober I talk myself out of things which otherwise make complete sense.

The problem is, it's starting to distract me... these words in my head, things which need to be expressed. I'm getting to the point where someone will be talking to me, and I don't even hear them because I'm so lost in my own little thought process. Then I feel guilty for not listening.

I know words have a way of taking their time, and coming out when they are ready. I think the big problem here is that the words are ready, but the rest of me is kinda chicken.


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Anonymous said...

I know it's far away, but there's always an opening at Vista... http://vistadelmar.org

Anonymous said...

Man, we ARE related...That is funny, M calling you a wuss, he is such a 'little bro' Troublemaker.