29 January 2008

I don't wanna!!

In the next two weeks, I have two interviews.

One is for a 'Behavior Consultant' position, working with children with Autism. Though, the main office for the company is based in Citrus Heights (north east of Sacramento... about an hour and 15 minutes away), my main 'territory' will be in Davis (about 30 minutes away). I really wish I could find a job like this one in the Bay Area.

The other is a position as a pre-school teacher. Yes, pre-school. I'm not entirely sure I have what it takes to spend all day with three and four year olds, then come home to my own 3 1/2 year old Short Bus. The job would be a little more local, and the pay would likely be about the same. But, I really don't think I want to teach pre-school... I mean really... you people have met me. If the Glen and Giddy Show isn't family friendly, just imagine what happens if you take out Glen and add finger paint and poop jokes (hm, maybe that's pretty much the same show...).

So, as I'm on the phone earlier whining about how I really "don't wannnnnna be a pre-school teacher," it hits me. What did I do today while The Short Bus was at school?

Yes, I sat in the floor with paper, and scissors, and markers, and paste, and velcro, and made him a calendar. A very simple, age-appropriate, calendar. And, as I'm writing the days of the week, and looking at my neat, simple, age-appropriate handwriting, I'm thinking, "crap, this is totally the writing of a teacher."


CamiKaos said...

I obviously have issues, I totally would have sent K to your school when she was that age.

Anonymous said...

First..you rock as a mom! I could learn so much from you. Second...you will be great at whatever you do. If you do become a teacher, think off all the new material you will be able to add to the show (changing names etc to protect identities of course *smile*) Good luck! *I believe in you*