20 July 2007

Six Flags Day

Today was the last day of "summer school." The classroom staff decided we would like to do something fun to reward the kids for an excellent school year.... and of course, since Vallejo is so close, we decided on a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

At first glance, and after the first phone call, we realized that it was just going to be too expensive. We couldn't afford to take 10 kids and 5 staff to a theme park... the money just wasn't in the budget. I figured there must be *something* I could do... so I told them to give me some time, let me see what I could do.

Of course, I called Glen.

He worked his magic, and managed to somehow acquire 18 complementary tickets from the corporate office for our school. It was amazing. I still can't believe he managed to do it.

We decided not to tell the kids, and just load them up in the vans, and take them. Each staff member told the kids something different... "I thought we were going to..." the library, Jelly Belly factory, park, wal*mart.... yes, we have to have our fun too.

I got to drive the "girls" van. Each time we passed an exit a kid would yell, "you just missed the exit... where are we going?! Are you lost?!" When we got near the park, one of the girls started talking about how she "REALLY needed to use the bathroom... REEEEEALLY!" So, we conveniently turned that into... "well, Six Flags is right here... maybe they'll let you use the bathroom. Yeah... the rest of you guys are going to need to wait in the car while we go in." I'm still shocked that they bought it.

Finally, parked in the lot, we still couldn't get two of them out of the van, "I don't want to go in to watch her pee! Can't I just wait here!?"

"Well, I dunno... I suppose you could wait here... but wouldn't you rather ride some roller coasters?"

"Roller coasters?"

"Yes, would you like to go to Six Flags today?"


"Ok. If you share your candy with me, we can go to Six Flags."

Obviously, they shared their candy.
It was so much fun to watch the realization dawn on them... the teachers had been screwing with them... for heaven knows how long.

The kids had a great day. They rode the rides screaming, and the smiles all around really made me so happy to be able to do my job.

I really wanted to go into more specifics about the day, but I'm so very tired, and all I want to do is shower to wash off the sweat and sunblock.
Thank you Glen.
Thank you Six Flags.
From all of us, Thank You.


Anonymous said...

i was going to post this long omg u guys rock for taking em to the park blah blah blah comment BUT then! you had to end it with a secret!!! so screw ur niceness and post that damn blog! :p

Mum2Angus_n_Molly said...

Ditto what Janet said!!!

WTF??? You can't just put that out there and leave us hanging. It's cruel and unusual punishment.