08 February 2007

They're Coming to Take Me Away...HAHA!

In this age of little tiny, practically invisible cell phones, its becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between someone talking on the phone, and some crazy dude standing on the corner talking to himself.

I was sitting at a stop light earlier, and noticed a guy standing on the corner. Nothing stood out, he was wearing black, looked clean enough... then I realized a couple of things: (a) its raining buckets, and he's only wearing a sweatshirt (and doesn't have the hood up), and (b) he's talking to himself. I sat there watching, trying to decide if he was having a conversation on the phone, or if he was really talking with himself, while he chatted away (complete with gestures) and paced in about a 12 inch area. Little steps to the side, forward and back... seemingly impatient for the light to change. Then a thought occurred.

The guy is apparently 'not quite right in the head', he's talking to himself, gesturing to himself, obviously agitated... why is he taking the time to wait for the light? Why is it that no matter how "crazy" a person seems to be, they always stand and wait for the green light? I have worked with kids who could look at a picture of someone crying, yet couldn't identify the emotion they saw in the picture, but the same kid would stop at the corner and wait for traffic before crossing the street.

Which brings me to an entirely different question. Why is it that we 'normal' or 'sane' people get to pick and choose who is actually hearing god, and who is just goofy in the head? How is it that a guy can wake up one morning, put on a suit, say he heard god speak to him, and we put him on TV? Yet, a different guy wakes up one morning, doesn't have the opportunity to shower or eat a decent meal, but goes out on the street, says "holy shit I heard god last night!" and we deem him insane.

Maybe its just me, but something seems wrong with this picture.

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CamiKaos said...

oh me of little faith...

when I see a person sitting talking to themselves I often don't worry so much if the voice is coming from god or their own inner workings... what I do wonder is what it is that voice is telling them to do... The more the seem to fight the voice the more I wonder...

when I see a person on tv hemming and hawing and sharing god's word, not from the bible but from their own encounters with their lord and savior I don't think they’re crazy. I don't question what the voice is telling them. I don't get down on my knees and I don't send them money... I think how immoral and sad it is that they make a mockery of something so important to so many to earn a quick buck and try to mold the world in their own image... not in the image of god.