07 November 2009

My Promise To You (and you, and you, and you...)

If only it were as easy as Dumbledore makes it look.

Writing this blog allows me to take thoughts out of my head, like so many swirling, screaming banshees, and download them to the computer. Much like Dumbledore's Pensieve, I am able to remove these fine, filament-like strands of thought and put them away for safe keeping. Some I share, some I do not.

As we find ourselves a week into NaBloPoMo, I have noticed some interesting trends in blog posting and what people are writing about. I have started to think about the unwritten rules which ought to be proposed throughout the blogosphere. Most importantly, people should be reminded before they hit the "publish" button that what they write is actually being posted on the World Wide Interwebs... for anyone to read.

In the interest of holding myself accountable for what I write for you, my dear interwebs, let me make you several promises:

1- I will never, ever, use my blog as a place to slander or defame the character of another human being.

2- I will keep myself firmly grounded in reality, and within the parameters of what is acceptable behavior... whether online or in "the real world."

3- I will hold myself to only the highest standards for grace, intelligence, honesty, and integrity.

4- I will never use my blog as a venue to air personal problems I have with other people. Private matters within my family and community of friends will always remain private.

As with any other set of words strung together in an effort at communication, these promises are just words. Only you can assign power to them, only you can decide how you feel about the tone and implications. Actions speak volumes, and although I plan to continue writing and posting, I have faith in that my actions can only affirm my words and thus my character. I can only hope that who I am as a person will lend strength and conviction to my words.

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