21 November 2009

At The Beginning

Here I am, first day of Thanksgiving break... ShortBus and his cousin destroying playing in ShortBus's room, my brother watching football on the couch, me puttering around the house putting away faire stuff that has been sitting out, cutting up random veggies for the boys to snack on, and cooking up some hot dogs for lunch (I knew those dogs would come in handy at some point). 

Savoring the first day of my staycation.  Thrilled that there are only nine more posts left in November.  Entirely blissed-out on the fact that I only have thirteen work days until I get another staycation. Yes, life is good... very good.


camikaos said...

such amazing cousiny cuteness!!

Giddy. said...

oh just wait... there are more photos. This was the one ShortBus requested I post. I'll put more up on Facebook soon.