05 November 2009

Home at Last

Some days... there is nothing nicer than coming home.

Miles Davis on Pandora, glass of wine, and my lappy.
CSB will be home soon.

Please tell me I don't have to stand up again until it is time for bed.
Because I swear, the next person who asks me to "do" something is going to hear a scream which will curdle the blood of the dead.

I have officially reached the point where my calendar is so full that I have multiple double booked meetings between now and christmas... and I have more to schedule. It's not that I want to stop, I just can't do any more. Not won't, not don't want to... physically can not.

But, right at this moment, I am becoming great friends with an expensive bottle of wine.


1 comment:

peddlerbeth said...

Oh no my pretty! Did you remove those shoes from the feet of the witch squished in the fall?