24 April 2007

Meme Meltdown

All day on Tribe, I've been watching the latest meme go around, and reading the responses, and thinking about each person who has posted.

I do have words. Many words. For each of them. I can't narrow it down to just one per person, so I decided to do a list of words. See if you can figure out which ones are yours (oh yes, everyone has more than one, and many overlap)...

True - Generous - Fearless - Supportive -Chivalrous - Loving - Seeker - Trusting - Believer - Real - Creative - Strong - Dreamer - Compassionate - Understanding - Sweet - Honest - Muse (inspiring?) - Unconditional - New - Friend - Funny - Not-Subtle - Fun

As I'm watching and thinking, and reading, and words are occurring to me randomly throughout the day, a thought arises: I could actually sit down with each and every one of my friends and tell them exactly what it is that I love about them.

Definitely NOT something I have had the luxury of saying about everyone in my life over the years.

Thank you all for being an important part of my life.


Mum2Angus_n_Molly said...

Just curious. What the heck is a meme?

Giddy. said...

its one of those "all about me" posts... the one from yesterday was called "one word" or something, and it was all about, "post a comment to my blog which is one word you feel best describes me."

guess I should have explained that. hehehe

Kristen McD said...

That was going around in email form for a while. Kind of fun.

Anonymous said...

And so I followed a link off a link off another link and I'm not sure how I got here.....but I really like your blog!
Feel free to come on over and check mine out!