05 December 2006

W(h)ine Anyone?

"I've read there is no such thing as a single tear, that old poetic trope.
And perhaps there isn't, since hers was simply a companion to my own."
-Elizabeth Kostova in The Historian

That's it! I've resigned myself to wine and comfort food. Its really all I can think of that will (momentarily) make me feel better.

A bottle of Camelot Cab., and a huge bowl of home-made chili (extra tabasco), and a couple of cornbread muffins (extra butter... the real stuff).

In the last week, I've been affected (either directly or indirectly) by five deaths. FIVE in a WEEK! Not to mention the three car accidents, which involved four of my friends, in the last month. Yeah, feeling a little stressed... a little worried... a little overwhelmed.

Like Glen said (at tribe), we need a time-out. I kinda feel like things are falling apart all around me, and I know there are others who are feeling even worse.

All I can do is send out my love and hugs, offer my support, and be here for them, and myself. This calls for a refill... and a toast to us all.


Kristen McD said...

December is the worst month. It's always hard... some years especially so. (((((Michele)))))

CamiKaos said...

that's just too much. You should have a break from the bad. love.