13 April 2010

*blink* shiny! *blink* ooooh! *blink* what?

I can't count how many days of spring break I spent looking at a blinking cursor.  I want to post, I even attempt to post, but for some reason this bout of writer's block has lasted longer than most.

I miss blogging regularly.  I miss sitting down in front of my computer and not having any idea what I was going to write about, yet typing until it started to flow.  Once the words started coming, I had no control over my fingers... they would fly over the keys typing letters, my eyes reading the sentences as they popped up, my brain making sense of the whole thing as it came together...

It has been so long since that has been the "norm," I don't even remember how I did it.  A glass of wine, background noise provided by the TV, my work day and mommy day behind me... I would sit down and the words would somehow appear.  Where are they now?


Dede said...

Maybe you are stressing too hard over this:)

Why don't you just take a break and then find a subject that you are passionate about.

Sometimes when we are under stress, it is hard to get our thoughts together. I am not as creative lately either:) Too much work and not enough time to prepare for what I am about to undertake.... an 1,100 mile move!!

Hope you get your thoughts back soon!

pinaymama said...

waaw! I like your keyboard! I wish I have one. :)

Hi! I followed and put your link here: pinaymama

hope you put ours too! :)

Unknown said...

You also spent more time talking to "The Muse"