31 December 2009


At a time when many people are waxing nostalgic, writing blogs about the past year, or creating top ten lists and resolutions, I feel kinda silly writing the obligatory New Year's Eve post.

I could easily write about what a wonderful year it has been, but I feel I've already done that.  If you want to read about all the great things that have happened in my life over the last year, you could easily go back through my archives and read any of the things I have posted.  Yet, somehow, as I sit here with my cup of coffee watching a Three Stooges marathon with CSB on the final morning of 2009, I feel compelled to create one last post for the year.

I feel so very fortunate for the family and friends that I have.  The people in my life are a huge part of what has made it such a fantastic journey.  Living my day to day life with CSB has been nothing short of spectacular and there has been more than one instance when I stopped, looked around, and thought, "I don't know what kind of crazy magic this is, but I have exactly what I've always said I wanted."  Somehow, I got exactly what I wished for... and it came out right.

The ShortBus grows ever more intelligent and charming by the day.  He is growing up quickly, and I love having the ability to experience life all over again through his eyes.  Living so close to my parents has been great for all of us, I feel quite lucky to have such amazing family so near. 

As my "winter break" draws to an end, my brain is starting to switch back on and my "to do" list is beginning to come back to life.  Although my mind is a constantly humming hive of upcoming events, I am ever living in the present and enjoying the now as much as all the prospects for the future ahead.

Happy new year everyone.  Remember:  the future is now, all we have is this moment.  Live well, live right, but most importantly, live.

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