17 March 2009

My Boyfriend

...wants to get chickens.


Seriously... you have no idea how excited I am. I love animals... even more, I love animals that are "odd."

Yes, please, can we have chickens?!?

BTW, have I mentioned that I've always wanted a feinting goat?

I love goats. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to own a goat... and at some point after that, I heard about the feinting goat, and there is no question, if I ever have the opportunity, I WILL have one of these:

Isn't he cute? Yes indeed, if I'm going to have a goat... I'll probably have this little guy. And then I'll run up and yell at him, and he'll fall over stiff, and I'll die laughing...

Is that wrong?


Karyn . . . stumbled over from Facebook said...

chickens and goats and boyfriends, OH MY!!!

Audra said...

You are broken. I love it.

camikaos said...

did you know we raised chickens when i was a kid? we did. I loved them. LOVED.

Plus fresh eggs rock

and they make fertilizer.

and goats are cool.

now I must sleep.

Becky said...

I had pet chickens!! Clementine was my favorite, she would follow me. We had a rooster too, but he was of the devil. Scariest thing I ever saw. I keep telling my husband I want a goat. I had one as a kid. Awesome!! I love the little feinting guy!

Jesslyn said...

I love you...
(Dude, can I come over and play with your goat?)

Chris said...

Oh no, not wrong, but very much right.