19 February 2009


This photo was sent to me as "the end of the rainbow."

But, how do you know that isn't the beginning?

One of the comments I read about this photo said, "there is no pot of gold, so it must be the beginning."

Others were much more negative.

Either way... it is amazing. Something I never thought I would see... even in a photograph... even on the interwebz.
Here's the link to the story about the picture.


Jesslyn said...

Wow- what a great photo!

It's the beginning if you accept it as that, and those who don't or that may doubt that there's a pot of gold are never going to find what they don't want to see anyways. Let them be pessimistic and negative.

We can toast it with a glass of champers.

tab said...

Regardless, it is beautiful.

Tyra said...

Everyone who drives through it is someone's "pot of gold".

Giddy. said...

ok... that totally deserves an "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

best comment ever. *sigh* you made me all schmoopy.