24 May 2007

Crazy Eights

I was tagged.
Once again... there is no saying no to The Queen of Kaos.

So, without further ado... eight things about me that you might not know (and likely never cared to know):

--> I hate being late so much, that I actually have anxiety attacks when I am. I've mostly learned how to control it, but still have a physical reaction to being late.

--> The only reason I am so organized is because I'm so unorganized. The minute I "let things go" my whole world falls into utter chaos.

--> I don't like to use euphemisms for death. When someone has died, I usually say "they died" instead of 'passed away,' or 'moved on' or whatever. For some reason, all those little catch phrases we use to soften the blow really bug me. I also hate the phrase "bless you" after a sneeze, and seriously dislike the birthday song.

--> In High School, I was voted "most likely to be a mortician" in the school newspaper's spoof on the yearbook's 'most likely' list. The funny thing; I was actually interested in doing just that for a long time, but never told anyone.

--> Can I use the ankle thing again? no? damn. How about saying, I'm more flexible than most, and I don't usually realize it until someone points out that I'm sitting in an 'odd' postion.

--> Even though I am a skeptic, I still play with my tarot cards and rune stones on occasion. And, I have a hard time not believing in some sort of 'after life,' based on some 'odd' experiences I've had. I definitely believe in the unexplained (and unexplainable), and the power of human intuition. It is truely amazing the things our subconcious minds pick up on.

--> I'm not sure I fully understand the concept of 'love.'

--> I have learned more about myself in the last three months, than I did in the previous 32 years combined. And honestly, I couldn't be more pleased.

Tag 8: mum2angus, Pi, Marc, Jill, Captain Black, Pink, Jessica, & Jessa.


CamiKaos said...

thanks for playing... I never saw the article where you were voted most likely to be a mortican... then again I rarely read it... lame me.

Giddy. said...

it probably came out after you left... maybe spring of 93?

Mum2Angus_n_Molly said...

I'd play, but I don't blog anymore, it just got too tedious and I never really had much to say. hehehe Imagine that, me at a loss for words.