16 October 2008

Blogging is...

Putting fingers to keyboard is pretty nearly the last thing I want to do at the end of a busy day, yet, it is possibly the most important thing I do for myself. Writing has always been one of the most important bits of my day to day life.

Mostly I do it to entertain myself. I started blogging so I could chronicle my pregnancy, partially for myself, partially for The ShortBus, partially for the bunch of people that would call me every day asking how I was feeling. After The ShortBus was born, I wanted a place of my own to write about things other than mommy-ness. I started a few different blogs, but nothing was coming out in the right voice... until one day I decided to just relax and use my own voice. Let the words fall onto the screen the same way they fell out of my brain.

Now I see how the traffic to my blog changes when I don't write for a couple of weeks. I see how the few of you who used to check in regularly don't ... because I'm not here. I do the same thing with bloggers who don't post, I forget to read after a while. So, nine months out of the year I watch the number of readers grow... then for three months I watch it dwindle to nothing. November and NaBloPoMo are coming, and I will see the numbers grow again as I start to post more.

The question is, is that really "for me"? Yes, posting daily for a month is good practice... faire is over, time to start getting back into the habit again. So, a month of random stream of consciousness posting isn't a bad thing for me... but really, how many of you want to read that kind of stuff? Shouldn't posts be substantial in some way... have something to contribute to the conversation?

I'd like to start posting a little more about work, maybe even include some more personal details about my (awesome!) love life (with permission, of course), and I'm planning to start house hunting soon... that should definitely bring The Funny™.

But, with my weekends already basically full until mid-January, I'm not sure how I'm going to fit in anything other than posts that are very similar to my last month or so. I will do my best... mostly for me, but partially for those who read... and a little for The ShortBus, who some day will read, and know just how crazy his mom was as he was growing up.

*photo by Glen... Kathi had just fallen into the barrel... serious comedy right there people.. and one of my all time favorite pictures*


Bubblewench said...

That is a great picture.

Remember that we all use feed readers too! I have no clue how that affects 'traffic' but in my head, it seems like it should.

I'll always read whatever you write when you feel like it, no matter what - there are some of us that are always here :)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back.

Liz said...

I love your blog, pictures and honesty!